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What new technologies will dramatically transform your world?  We’ll present an exclusive preview of the stunning breakthroughs emerging from the world’s leading research labs. 

Australian researchers just successfully tested the world’s fastest Internet communications speed.  It used a single optical chip capable of downloading 1000 high-definition movies in a split second.

The recent surge of demand hitting the world’s internet infrastructure, due to the isolation policies related to COVID-19 highlights the urgency of upgrading the existing system.  Consistent with addressing this need for quantum improvements the results published in the journal Nature Communications demonstrated a data speed of 44.2 Terabits per second (Tbps) from a single light source.  To understand how big a leap this represents, consider that one such device has the capacity to support the high-speed internet connections of all 1.8 million households in Melbourne, Australia, at the same time.  And importantly, the researchers achieved these speeds using existing communications infrastructure where they were able to efficiently load-test the network.

They used a new device that replaces 80 lasers with one single piece of equipment known as a micro-comb, which is smaller and lighter than existing telecommunications hardware.  It was planted into and load-tested using existing infrastructure, which mirrors that used by the NBN.

It is the first time micro-comb technology has been used in a field trial and it delivered the highest data speed ever produced from a single optical chip.

This test provides a sneak-peak of how the infrastructure for the internet will evolve in two to three years’ time, due to the unprecedented number of people using the internet for remote work, socializing and streaming.  It really shows us that we can scale the capacity of our internet connections.

Importantly, this research demonstrates the ability of the fibers that we already have in the ground, thanks to being the backbone of communications networks now and in the future.  And that we’ve already developed something that is scalable to meet future needs.

Notably, it’s not just Netflix we’re talking about here — it’s...

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