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Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain-Adaptive Leadership Approach

Neuroscience for Leaders:A Brain-Adaptive Leadership Approach

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis and Dr. Alexndros Psychogios

Summarized December 2016


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What makes a great leader?  This important question has been on the minds of scientists, philosophers, and professionals around the globe for centuries. 

Many theories and models have been proposed in answer to it, but none has succeeded in capturing leadership in its entirety.  Until now.  The leadership enigma finally has a convincing answer—an answer rooted in a specific and very tangible source:  the brain. 

The real breakthrough today is neuroscience.  Over the past 20 years, leaps in technology have helped neuroscientists to study and understand the human brain better than ever before in the whole of human history.  As a consequence, neuroscience has helped increase our understanding of leadership as an attitude within organizations. 

Our summary of Neuroscience for Leaders, by Nikolaos Dimitriadis and Alexandros Psychogios, provides a step-by-step, concrete approach to harnessing this new knowledge in a simple, systematic, and practical way for business managers.  Drawing on the growing knowledge on the brain in neuroscience and the behavioral sciences, as well as from traditional leadership and business thinking, this summary uncovers feasible ways to boost your leadership brain and improve your leadership capabilities.

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