We Trounced the S&P 500and YOU Can Too

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The Time-Tested Wayto Build Wealth

Our Track Record »

The Low Risk System That Beats Warren Buffet

Our Track Record »

How our low-risk strategies consistently beat the S&P 500

Fred Rogers, Publisher

Strategic Wealth Advisor shows our members the latest actionable insights as well as executable investment strategies that have outperformed the indexes year-after-year and have proven resistant to short-term market turbulence. While past performance is no guarantee of future returns, most investors would have to agree that understanding such strategies is extremely useful.

Let me answer your 3 biggest questions Right now:

How does Strategic Wealth Advisor work? We have created long-term investment success by building our 3 core investment strategies on fact driven empirical data and a track record of historical success. Using these 3 time-tested strategies we do the research and work in order to give our member a maximum of 40-to-60 stocks to buy and sell once a year. It is that easy to follow and should take about an hour on-line or with your broker to implement. For a deeper understanding of why this approach has historically been so successful I invite you to watch the video presentation entitled, "Why Systematic Investors Reap Extraordinary Market Returns"

What will you receive as an SWA member? 12 monthly issues featuring monthly updates of our three highly successful equity strategies: Premier, Shareholder Yield and Core Growth. There’s also incisive analyses of emerging opportunities driven by demography, technology and human behavior. Subscribers who act NOW get Two Valuable Bonuses: A FREE 3-month subscription to multi-media sister-publication, Business Briefings; and My latest book; Ride the Wave.

How much does a SWA membership cost? Pay just $295 per year. That breaks down to $0.81 a day, or a fraction of what you pay each day for that morning cup of coffee. For that small sum you get access to a strategy that could secure your future and give you peace of mind. And I strongly believe that after looking over our track record, and checking out our time-tested investment strategies, your only other question will be “Why am I not already a member?"

Fred Rogers, Publisher

Simple and Easy to Use

The SWA strategies are simple and very easy to emulate. Watch this brief five-minute video and get concise answers to some of our most FAQs about Strategic Wealth Advisor and our investment strategies.  And learn how simple the SWA investment strategies are to use.

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A 3-month complimentary subscription to Business Briefings our multi-media business journal for top executives.

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“High returns, minimum taxes, and low transaction costs.  The Strategic Wealth Advisor’s investing approach is profitable, easy to understand, and consistent.  I’m just sorry I didn’t have access to this years ago.”

John J.

Chicago, IL

“Strategic Wealth Advisor is the best kept secret in investing.  Your recent results blew me away: through mid-May, my Vanguard index fund was about 3.5%, but the SWA Premier Strategy was up over 10%. You’ve also beaten the recent performance most of big-name guru’s like Warren Buffett & Ken Fisher.  So far, I’m very impressed.”

Paul P.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL