California - The State of Conflict

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California - The State of Conflict

History shows that even global conflicts, tend to be decided by battles at a few strategic flashpoints; for instance, most of the major Civil War battles were fought in Northern Virginia.  Much as the Southern elite “doubled down” on slavery and agriculture in the 1860s, the west coast elite (led by California and encouraged by islands of support elsewhere), has embraced a 21st century culture rooted in its own definition of environmentalism and social justice.  Not surprisingly, California will become as crucial a battlefield in America’s Second Civil War as Northern Virginia was in the first.  And it’s a series of battles taking place in California and a few other key places, which will decide the dominant economic, social, and political paradigm for the next 70-to-80 years.

But some may ask, “why is a battle necessary?”  As Rodney King might say, “Can’t we all just get along?”  Those who have been reading Trends for the past decade, know the answer.

The American Dream embodied in the New Deal, as well as its successor called the Great Society, can no longer simply be stretched, patched and repainted to satisfy most Americans.  It must be replaced by something that’s perceived as better, fairer, and more compatible with the realities of the 21st Century economy.  To date, two de facto alternatives have galvanized America’s enthusiasm.  In prior issues, we’ve labeled these as the Green New Deal (pages 21-23) and the MAGA Agenda (page 20).  In 2019, these two visions of the future are as fundamentally incompatible as Jefferson Davis’ Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln’s Union were in 1861.  And, while lovers of the status quo refuse to admit it, the battles have already begun.  In the decades ahead, these new battles will be remembered as pivotal in shaping American history in the same way as Antietam and Richmond.

To understand why, consider the status of the California battlefield as we near the end of 2019.

Whether they recognize it or not, California’s policymakers are condemning the 5th largest economy in the world to a slow and untimely death unless a dramatic change of direction occurs soon.  To understand why and how, one need look no further than the Regional Sustainability Plan for the 88 cities of Los Angeles County, which sunsets the oil and gas industry, without any provision for nuclear power.

This frightening plan puts the power of government behind the hysterics of those who insist on believing the world will end soon if the government does not act to prevent climate change by reducing CO2 emissions...

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