Get Ready for the Great 5G Business Boom

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Get Ready for the Great 5G Business Boom

While artificial intelligence, service robotics, bio-reengineering, and the North American Energy Revolution are the highest-leverage manifestations of the Fifth Techno-Economic Revolution, these and all the other digital game-changers rest on the foundation of moving and processing more information quicker, at an ever-lower cost.  That’s why the roll-out of 5G telecom will make such a huge difference.

5G represents the fifth generation of wireless Internet connectivity. And it will provide the infrastructure needed to carry previously prohibitive volumes of data, allowing for a smarter and more connected world.

Whether we’re talking about driverless cars, flying commuter vehicles, or ubiquitous intelligence embedded in every appliance or consumer product, the key is highly-reliable, inexpensive, and super-fast data communication.  5G will provide the quantum leap in price-performance, which will make myriad game-changing business models and technologies possible.

In previous issues, we’ve highlighted the broader implications of 5G and examined its capabilities.  In this segment, we’ll focus on the development of the 5G telecom business with emphasis on the profit-making opportunities.

So that raises the obvious question. “When and where will 5G be available and who will benefit?”

In 2018, the commercial launch of 5G began in the United States, South Korea and Japan.  In January 2018, AT&T announced its plans to be the first major American telecom provider to roll out 5G service.  It selected 12 U.S. population centers to target by the end of the year, starting with two in Texas plus Atlanta.  AT&T also revealed that the next targets for the roll-out would Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina and parts of Oklahoma.

In order for users to take full advantage of 5G, AT&T also has plans to offer devices built specifically for the network. As they put it, “With faster speeds and ultra-low latency, 5G will ultimately deliver and enhance experiences including virtual reality, driverless cars, immersive 4K video, and more.”

Home Wifi service will become obsolete as 5G gives you faster speeds with greater reliability, thus creating an "always online" scenario...

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