Mobilizing for World War Zero

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Mobilizing for World War Zero

As explained in the March 2018 Trends, the United States is already engaged in the “Second American Civil War,” pitting blue and red states against one another in a struggle to define our future.  For all practical purposes, our first civil war started with the election of Abraham Lincoln; the second one began with the election of Donald Trump.  In both cases, issues festered for decades before the struggle became irreversible. And, like the first American Civil War, this one is couched largely in terms of social and geopolitical issues. However, the real “life and death” struggle is over the future economic system which will recalibrate the parameters of the American Dream. 

The Green New Deal and the Make America Great Again Agenda are shorthand for the irreconcilable positions of the two sides.  The center is small and rapidly shrinking.  And while establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats still strive to avoid disrupting the status quo, the “war” metaphor is increasingly inescapable.

In a move reminiscent of Fort Sumpter, former Secretary of State John Kerry and a team of like-minded “revolutionaries” have declared war on those who oppose their “climate change agenda.”  As Kerry put it during a September interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” “We're going to create a global movement called “WORLD WAR ZERO,” a big concept that is going to help change the political dynamic in America.”  As the former Obama Administration diplomat explained, the objective is a net-zero-carbon-economy-by-2050.  According to Kerry, “It's going to create political accountability around the world for leaders who are not doing what is necessary.”

Furthermore, the “World War Zero” website emphasizes the “war” metaphor throughout.  For instance, it even calls those who oppose their climate agenda “the axis” – a term used to describe Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II.  It goes on to say, “World War Zero will unite unlikely allies and bring together powerful influencers to win the future we all deserve, and triumph over today’s axis of opposition, delay, denial, and distortion.”

Other “war” references on the group’s web site include:

  • “World War Zero: The war we must wage and win,”
  • “With you, World War Zero is winnable,”
  • “No country can win this war alone. Victory requires a massive mobilization and unprecedented innovation,” and
  • “To triumph we need you.”

There is even an “Enlist!” button on the site, which supporters can click to sign up to join the fight...

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