The Sino-American War for 5G Dominance

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The Sino-American War for 5G Dominance

In a 2013 speech, Xi Jinping made the case for the life and death struggle between Chinese Communism and the West saying, we “should be staunch believers and faithful practitioners of the lofty ideals of communism and the common ideals of socialism with Chinese characteristics.  Facts have repeatedly told us that Marx and Engels' analysis of the basic contradictions in capitalist society is not out of date, nor is their view that capitalism must die out and socialism must win.  This remains an irreversible general trend in social and historical development.”

“The final demise of capitalism and the final victory of socialism will be a long historical process.  We should have a deep understanding of capitalist society, fully estimate the objective reality of the long-term dominance of Western developed countries in economic, scientific, technological and military aspects, and earnestly prepare for the long-term struggle between the two social systems.”

Xi concluded that the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party must “continuously build socialism with superiority over capitalism, and continuously lay a more solid foundation for it to win the future.”  This extends to diplomacy, military confrontation, and economic competition.

What does this have to do with 5G technology?   Everything.

As the world transitions to 5G, Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE have pulled out all the stops to dominate this next generation of wireless technology. Primacy in wireless is a key goal of Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” program and for good reason: The modern world runs on wireless, and 5G networks will make connectivity even more central as the “Internet of Things” connects up all manner of devices and appliances that today are off the grid.

Therefore, in the very near future, dominating the wireless world will be tantamount to dominating the world!  Beijing believes this, and an increasing proportion of decision-makers in the U. S. government have begun to agree.  But many of our allies and others around the world seem content to stand by and let Beijing’s march to 5G domination continue unhindered. 

Unlike earlier generations of wireless networks, 5G will rely more on software and less on hardware, allowing the possibility that companies could control the networks to divert information without being detected.  This capability grows as Washington and its allies have become more suspicious of Beijing, recognizing that a series of new laws gives it unfettered access to data that crosses networks built and maintained by companies based in China...

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