The West Confronts China

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The West Confronts China

The recent disruption caused by the COVID19 pandemic and the simultaneous social unrest has acted as a “smokescreen,” diverting public attention from the most important geopolitical event of our lifetimes: the beginning of the Sino-American Cold War.

Much like U. S. involvement in World War II, the Sino-American Cold War has come upon us suddenly and unexpectedly.  While China’s role in COVID19 may resemble the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, today’s “state of play” has far more resemblance to Germany’s 1938 annexation of Czechoslovakia.  Now, as then, most people are in denial.  They want to “put the genie back in the bottle.”  They believe we can simply return to “the good old days,” with a few apologies and a few diplomatic handshakes.  In short, like Chamberlain in Munich, they believe “just a little more appeasement” will satisfy an insatiable monster which has simply gotten bigger and fiercer with each passing day.  

Consider the facts.

The deteriorating relationship between the world’s two 21st century superpowers—the United States and China—have already entered a period of grave danger.  An emboldened Chinese Communist Party (or CCP) is on the move in Asia and globally.  Increasingly, its behavior constitutes a threat to peace and security in Asia as well as a threat to the core national interests of the United States. 

The hour is late, but there is still time to act.  Whether the United States and its allies execute the strategy and display the resolve required to meet this threat will determine the world order in the coming decade and beyond.

Over social media and through its multi-billion-dollar global propaganda machine, the CCP now spreads a three-part message in multiple languages, 24-7.  It says:  

  1. that democracy is an inferior system of government to China’s efficient dictatorship;
  2. that China is a peaceful, selfless, and generous rising power, seeking merely to “help a world in need”; and
  3. that the U.S. epitomizes the inability of democracies to cope effectively with big problems like COVID19 while failing to mention that the CCP’s own “negligence” (or malevolence) unleashed it on the world.

However, the message of “benevolence” and “harmony” that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to promote through its overt and covert global media operations is belied by several obvious contradictions...

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