Letter from the Publisher

It is with great sadness that we have decided to make April 2018 our last issue of Strategic Wealth Advisor.

I’m happy to be able to report that the three April 2017 portfolios delivered a total return of 17.22% versus 12.63% for the S&P 500 and 17.15% for Warren Buffett, over the 12 months ending April 6. In fact, the past year has been a good period for the Strategic Wealth Advisor strategies, consistent with their relative performance from 2001 to 2014.

Notably, market conditions have made it different to identify new stocks that meet all the criteria for the SWA Core Growth Strategy. As result its poor performance has offset the outstanding results of the Premier and Shareholder YieldStrategy

More importantly, we have not been able to develop a large enough “subscriber base” to warrant the capital and time commitment to continue publishing this letter.

All of the strategies in this publication came from books that we have summarized over the years.

If you would like access to advisors who have experience in these strategies, as well as the remarkably successful PARE-5 strategy, just call our office at 630-986- 4456.

Finally, if you are a subscriber, we invite you to exchange the remaining months of your Strategic Wealth Advisor subscription for any of our other publications (including Trends Magazine, Business Briefings, and Audio- Tech Business Book Summaries). Going forward the key themes in this monthly letter will be incorporated into the Economy insights column in BusinessBriefings.

Best of luck in all your endeavors,

Fred A. Rogers
Publisher - Strategic Wealth Advisor