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AudioTech’s Analysis of Blue Ocean Strategy

AudioTech’s Analysis of Blue Ocean Strategy

Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Summarized March 2017


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Summary Description

In 2005, Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne was published by Harvard Business School Press.  Over the past dozen years, Blue Ocean Strategy has sold nearly 4 million copies in dozens of languages. 

Its extraordinary premise is th3076at “great success is not derived from out-performing the competition in its existing “red ocean” industry, but by creating a new market space or a “blue ocean,” thereby making the competition irrelevant.”   And, this new paradigm has become a reality for companies, large and small, which were bold enough to embrace Blue Ocean Strategy.

Unlike some business blockbusters, the core ideas in Blue Ocean Strategy have remained just as powerful and relevant as they were when the book was written.  And it’s that durability that put Kim and Mauborgne in a tiny set of timeless business thinkers—including Milton Friedman, Michael Porter, and Peter Drucker—who irreversibly change the way decision makers do their jobs. 

In this program, we

  • review and critique the major ideas in Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • explain why those ideas have proven so useful and popular.
  • highlight the systematic and reproducible methodologies and processes used in pursuit of innovation by both new and existing firms.
  • touch on the impact this book has generated over the past dozen years. 
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