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The average person sits in their car 500 to 1000 hours a year.

Best Selling Author and Success Expert Brian Tracy uses AudioTech's Business Book Summaries to turn that time into a learning opportunity, which has helped him to create million dollar businesses.

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Our audio book summaries take the best Business Books and boil them down to their essential truths. It could add a whole new dimension to your daily workout. Now, in 45 minutes you can shape both your body and your mind.

Why AudioTech?

It’s a great way to jump-start your completive advantage. Our Business Book Summaries’ audio and PDF format enable you to absorb essential business-crucial information in just minutes a week — as opposed to at least the 240 hours you’d spend reading. And you can listen anywhere — at home, in your car, at lunch, or wherever you like.

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Each audio summary is accompanied by a 16-page PDF transcript. This allows you to make note of key points in the audio by highlighting it in the transcript. Listen to the audio and read along with the transcript on your computer or laptop to reinforce the learning process.

No More Wasted Time

Business Book Summaries turn those lost minutes and hours into valuable learning experiences. When you get AudioTech Business Book Summaries you have access to the best business minds and ideas NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.

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Professionals like you who invested in their success by getting all the powerful ideas they need for their life, career, or business anytime and anywhere with AudioTech Business Book Summaries.

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The Ideal Team PIayer:  How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues The Laws of Human Nature

If you're a busy executive, AudioTech's Business Book Summaries provide a powerful tool for learning the new ideas that will help you solve business problems, seize opportunities, and make better decisions every day.-- Jack Trout

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"I got one idea, listening to AudioTech summaries, that I've turned into a million-dollar business already. You have to keep exposing yourself to lots and lots of ideas — and AudioTech Book Summaries is one of the very best ways to do that."-- Brian Tracy
Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International
Author of more than 30 bestsellers.