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Strategic Genius Collection

Learn the Million Dollar Secrets of the Top Strategy Consultants, Before It's Too Late.

  • In The Breakthrough Imperative, Bain & Company's top consultant's show exactly how to use the four powerful laws for radical success.
  • In How Industries Evolve, you'll learn to foresee changes in your industry and align your strategy in a way that vastly improves your chances of success.
  • You'll master techniques that can transform your company into the profit leader in your industry in The Myth of Market Share.
  • The Rule of Three offers powerful strategies and insights into market dynamics that no business manager can afford to miss.
  • Beyond the Core provides the secrets for finding and leveraging the best avenues for growth, without jeopardizing your existing business.
  • MarketBusters catalogs the 40 proven moves that companies use to identify and seize breakthrough strategic opportunities.
Summaries Included