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Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value

Big Data Marketing:Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value

Lisa Arthur

Summarized February 2014


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Summary Description

Many of today's businesses find themselves caught in a snarl of internal data, paralyzed by internal silos, and executing antiquated marketing approaches.  As a result, consumers are losing patience, shareholders are clamoring for growth, and marketers are left struggling to untangle the massive mess.

Meanwhile, valuable information about consumer preferences continues to accumulate and overwhelm decision makers.  It's time to tame the beast named Big Data.

Our summary of Big Data Marketing, by Lisa Arthur, provides a strategic road map for executives who want to clear the chaos and start driving competitive advantage and top-line growth.  Arthur is the CMO of Teradata Applications, and previously served as CMO of Akamai Technologies and vice president of marketing at Oracle.

This summary will give you a five-step plan for using data-driven marketing to better understand the market, discover patterns in your customers' behavior, and produce big data insights that will elevate customer experiences and ensure your business's success.

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