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Break from The Pack: How to Compete in a Copycat Economy

Break from The Pack:How to Compete in a Copycat Economy

Oren Harari

Summarized February 2007


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Summary Description

In every industry, products are turning into commodities, services are being imitated by competitors, and traditional barriers to market entry are collapsing.  To sustain a competitive advantage in today’s Copycat Economy, you must break from the pack.

Our summary of Break From the Pack, by Oren Harari, will show you how.  A professor at the University of San Francisco’s Graduate School of Business, Harari teaches strategic and global management at the MBA and executive MBA levels.  He’s written seven previous books, including the best-selling Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell.

In this summary, we’ll start by touring “commodity hell,” and identifying 10 common mistakes that keep companies trapped in the pack.  We’ll then introduce the strategies that will propel your firm where competitors can’t follow.  You’ll learn:

  1. How to dominate markets, and when to leave them;
  2. How to create a “higher cause” that will mobilize all your stakeholders;
  3. How to build a “defiant” pipeline of cool, compelling products; and
  4. How to take your customers to an “impossible” place that exceeds their expectations.

You’ll also come away with a practical “12-step” recovery program for transforming your personal leadership behavior, so you can lead the charge, and leave your competitors in the dust.

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