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Breakthrough Business Results with MVT: A Fast, Cost-Free,

Breakthrough Business Results with MVT:A Fast, Cost-Free, "Secret Weapon" for Boosting Sales, Cutting Expenses, and Improving Any Business Process

Charles Holland with David Cochran

Summarized August 2005


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ISBN: 0471697710

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Summary Description

Every executive in the world shares the same goal: improved results through lower costs, better quality, higher customer satisfaction, and bigger profits.

But only one revolutionary method offers a powerful, fast, and inexpensive way to prove with certainty which ideas will make the biggest impact on your bottom line. This method is MVT™, orMultivariable Testing. MVT examines the real-world effects of dozens of improvement ideas; discovers the synergies between them; and then identifies the most powerful ones.

MVT has taken the business world by storm, and the business press is raving about its success stories. Business Week reports that “The [MVT] payoff is so big that just word of mouth keeps companies coming. . . DuPont rescheduled maintenance shutdowns at a polymer plant, increasing annual output by $18 million. SBC analyzed factors influencing sales practices, boosting revenues 167 percent. International Specialty Products improved manufacturing efficiency at a chemical plant, adding $1.5 million in profits.”

Forbes reveals that “After Circuit City instituted MVT-validated concepts in stores, it saw an immediate 3 percent comparable-store sales rise. It tested the changes three separate times to make sure the benefits were real.”

And Ed Mueller, the CEO of Williams-Sonoma, declares that “I have never come across a more powerful business tool than MVT to identify what needs to be done.”

Now, in Breakthrough Business Results with MVT, Charles Holland, the creator of MVT, explains how this method can increase profits dramatically in your organization.

Holland developed the MVT process at a nuclear weapons plant to solve critical problems using advanced statistics. In 1982, at the urging of quality guru W. Edwards Deming, he founded QualPro, an MVT training and consulting firm. Since then, QualPro has helped more than 1,000 companies, including half of the Fortune 100, to implement MVT.

In this summary, you’ll learn the 12 basic steps in the MVT process, and how to use the results to identify the best ways to make major improvements to the bottom line.

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