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Business Genius: A More Inspired Approach to Business Growth

Business Genius:A More Inspired Approach to Business Growth

Peter Fisk

Summarized July 2008


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Summary Description

What do the most successful businesses do differently than mediocre ones?  They see the big picture.  They see things differently and do different things.  They connect the unconnected, challenge the conventions, look for new opportunities, and are not afraid to try new ideas.  They are inspired businesses, with a sense of “genius” about them.

In our summary of Business Genius:  A More Inspired Approach to Business Growth, by Peter Fisk, we'll explore what it means to be a genius.  Fisk heads The Genius Works, which helps companies with strategic innovation and growth issues.  A consultant and manager for many global corporations, he authored the best-selling book Marketing Genius.

In his work for such companies as American Express, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Phillips, Shell, Virgin, and Vodafone, he has found that genius is about applying intelligence in more imaginative ways to accelerate positive growth and create superior value.

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