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The Corporate Culture Survival Guide (New and Revised Edition)

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide (New and Revised Edition)

Edgar H. Schein

Summarized September 2013


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Summary Description

As the world is becoming more complex and global, the issues of corporate culture and subculture are more relevant to leadership and organizational performance.  Leadership not only creates culture, but is the central force in managing culture evolution and change. 

Our summary of The Corporate Culture Survival Guide, by Edgar H. Schein, provides leaders with a clear understanding of how to manage in a multicultural environment.

Schein is a world-renowned expert on organizational culture and is the Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  He is the author of numerous books, including Organizational Culture and Leadership.

This summary is the ideal resource for leaders looking to figure out how their corporate culture can aid or hinder current performance and future effectiveness.  It explains what culture is and why it's important, how to evaluate your organization's culture, and how to improve it, using straightforward, practical tools based on decades of research and real-world case studies. 

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