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Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

Emotionomics:Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

Dan Hill

Summarized February 2012


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Summary Description

Every marketer knows the frustration of the so-called “say-feel gap” — that is, the disconnect between what consumers say versus how they feel and what they will actually do. How can you avoid the say-feel gap? The solution is to adopt a new approach to measuring and managing emotions.

As our summary of Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success, byDan Hill, explains, the key to winning over people is to make a sensory-emotional connection through superior creativity and empathy. How? By exploiting the latest breakthroughs in brain science to transform how companies conduct business in the 21st century.

Yet, this approach doesn't require the use of expensive state-of-the-art hardware. According to Hill, the key is to use facial coding, a research tool so powerful that the CIA and FBI both rely on it. It works because even a person born blind signals his or her feelings to others using the same facial muscle movements.

Hill is a recognized authority on the role of emotions in consumer behavior, and an expert in applying facial coding to business issues. He is the author of About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising, as well as the founder and president of Sensory Logic, a research-based consultancy that specializes in helping to enhance companies’ sensory-emotional connection with consumers.

This summary will give you a practical tool for navigating the emotional dynamics that ultimately determine your company’s sales, productivity, and profits.

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