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Escape Velocity: Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past

Escape Velocity:Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past

Geoffrey A. Moore

Summarized November 2011


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Summary Description

In 1991, Geoffrey Moore’s classic book Crossing the Chasm presented an innovative framework to address the make-or-break obstacle confronting all high-tech companies:  how to leverage disruptive innovations to break into established markets protected by strong incumbents.

Now, 20 years later, with the publication of Escape Velocity, Moore has turned the tables to advise the top leaders of many of the world’s most successful enterprises on how to break out of established markets in order to find renewed growth in new categories.  Moore is chairman emeritus of the consulting firms The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute, and TCG Advisors, which provide marketing strategy and organizational advice to leading high-tech companies, as well as a venture partner in Mohr Davidow Ventures, where he continues to help their start-ups cross the chasm

As he worked with senior management teams in search of breakout growth, Moore repeatedly found that executives were trapped by short-term performance-based compensation schemes that kept them bound to their current businesses.  The result is that many critical decision-makers today put too many resources behind their legacy commitments, yielding an embarrassingly low success rate in new-product launches.

Our summary of Escape Velocity provides a pragmatic plan to confront the most critical challenge that established enterprises face in the 21st century economy:  how to move beyond past success and drive next-generation growth from new lines of business.  Whether your organization is in the high-tech sector or any other industry, you’ll discover how to create a powerful and sustainable foundation for a long-term competitive advantage.

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