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Executive Warfare: 10 Rules of Engagement for Winning Your War for Success

Executive Warfare:10 Rules of Engagement for Winning Your War for Success

David F. D'Alessandro With Michele Owens

Summarized October 2008


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ISBN: 0071544232

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Summary Description

There comes a time in every executive’s career when the competition changes.  Being smart, hard-working, and able to show results is no longer enough to help you break out of the middle of the pack and rise to the top.  If you want to succeed, you have to prove that you have what it takes to run the show. 

At this level, how far you climb the corporate ladder depends on your ability to make relationships with people of influence, whether it’s your peers, employees, directors, or anyone who has influence over your career trajectory. 

In our summary of Executive Warfare:  10 Rules of Engagement for Winning Your War for Success, by David F. D’Alessandro, you’ll learn what it takes to rise to the top — and more importantly, how to survive when you get there. 

D’Alessandro is the former chairman and CEO of John Hancock Financial Services, as well as the author of the best-selling books Brand Warfare and Career Warfare.

As he explains, once you reach a certain level in your career, the odds are against your rising higher, and there are more and more people standing in your way.  This summary will give you practical advice on how to beat those odds and continue to rise.

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