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Fail Fast or Win Big: The Start-Up Plan for Starting Now

Fail Fast or Win Big:The Start-Up Plan for Starting Now

Bernhard Schroeder

Summarized June 2019


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Summary Description

The traditional approach to being an entrepreneur has usually been:

  • Get an idea and write a business plan;
  • Spend months securing investors; and
  • Start making and selling your product.

The problem with that approach is that markets today evolve so quickly your business plan will likely be out of date before it is finished.   You don't want to wait until you've spent all your funds before you start finding out whether or not customers really want what you're making.

A much better approach is to use the "LeanModel Framework" which is based on getting feedback from customers, ASAP.

As explained in FAIL FAST OR WIN BIG by BERNHARD SCHROEDER, "If you want to sell a product, just make it.  If you want to sell a service, just deliver it.  If you want to create a company, just create one.  There has never been a better time than the one we are living in right now." 

The "LeanModel Framework" we’ll carefully examine in BIG IDEAS FROM FAIL FAST OR WIN BIG is ideally suited to the purely greenfield startups, but it can be applied with great success when an established company enters a new market, industry, or sector.  

Whether you are an ambitious venture neophyte, a serial entrepreneur, or a manager responsible for “new business development,” the ideas in this program are for you.

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