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Grow the Core: How to Focus on Your Core Business for Brand Success

Grow the Core:How to Focus on Your Core Business for Brand Success

David Taylor

Summarized August 2013


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Summary Description

It′s a common belief among business leaders across industry sectors that the best way to grow their businesses is to expand into new markets. In reality, virtually all top-performing companies achieve superior results through a leading position in their core business.

Unfortunately, there′s very little in the way of practical advice on how to do this. But now, our summary of Grow the Core, by David Taylor, will show you how to focus on your core business for brand success. 

Taylor is founder and Managing Partner of the brandgym, a network of senior brand coaches that help teams create a clear brand vision and the action plans to turn that vision into growth. Its clients include Sainsbury’s, LVMH, Unilever, T-Mobile, and SAB Miller.

This summary debunks the conventional wisdom about business growth and provides a proven formula for growing your business in good times and bad. It shows you how to grow by selling more of the stuff that made you famous and profitable, rather than relying only on stretching your brand into new markets. And it provides powerful tools, techniques, and tips on how to apply them to your business today.

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