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Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People

Impending Crisis:Too Many Jobs, Too Few People

Roger Herman, Thomas Olivo, and Joyce Gioia

Summarized Jun 2003


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Summary Description

The future of every business is at risk because of a startling trend that will catch most managers unprepared: There are not enough skilled workers to fill the jobs that drive the economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a shortage of more than 10 million workers by 2010. And raw numbers don't fully address the growing skills gap. The numbers also don't take into account the changing attitudes in the workforce. Few, if any, employers have addressed these issues. That's why Impending Crisis is so timely and relevant right now. It‘s a wake-up call for companies that have yet to confront this problem. The authors are ideally equipped to bring this vital message to corporate leaders. Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia are both Strategic Business Futurists and Certified Management Consultants who focus on workforce and workplace trends. They share a combined experience base of more than 40 years of consulting to management. Tom Olivo is an internationally known specialist in business measurements, recognized for his expertise in measuring factors that affect the bottom-line performance of organizations. In this summary of Impending Crisis, you will learn the magnitude of this problem -- as well as the huge opportunity it presents to those who see it coming. Then you‘ll learn what you can do today so you will survive and profit from the "impending crisis."

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