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Low-Hanging Fruit: 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits

Low-Hanging Fruit:77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits

Jeremy Eden and Terri Long

Summarized April 2014


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ISBN: 1118857925

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Summary Description

In just about every area of life, we tend to think there are only two possibilities:  Accept things the way they are, or put in a lot of effort, time, and money to make things better.

Our summary of Low-Hanging Fruit, by Jeremy Eden and Terri Long, focuses on a third possibility.  What most people don’t realize is that there are dozens of easy, affordable, and quick ways to make things better.  We can pluck this “low-hanging fruit” every day to save time and money right away.

Eden and Long are the co-CEOs of Harvest Earnings Group, where they have worked with the CEOs of a wide range of companies, including PNC Financial, H.J. Heinz, and Manpower, to guide their teams through a galvanizing earnings growth process.

This summary presents many of their most effective techniques for solving problems and generating real performance improvements.

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