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Managing The Dynamics of Change: The Fastest Path To Creating An Engaged And Productive Workforce

Managing The Dynamics of Change:The Fastest Path To Creating An Engaged And Productive Workforce

Jerald M. Jellison, Ph.D.

Summarized August 2006


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Summary Description

Virtually every leader who has tried to manage change has had at least one experience of being frustrated by failure. For change initiatives to be truly effective, communication and persuasion simply aren't enough to help people overcome their doubts and anxieties about venturing into uncharted territory. 

Our summary of Managing the Dynamics of Change, by Jerald M. Jellison, presents an innovative method for getting employees to quickly commit to change efforts and simultaneously ramp up their performance. 

Jellison is a professor of social psychology at the University of Southern California, and is the dean of USC's Business Academy of the Society of Human Resource Management. He has also been a speaker and consultant to high-profile organizations such as IBM, Chevron, Toyota, and 3M.

Drawing on his 30 years of leadership and consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies, Jellison reveals how effective change occurs, and shows you how to manage your employees' reaction to change, engage your team's emotions and actions, and move employees toward effective change as quickly and productively as possible.

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