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Mobilizing Minds: Creating Wealth from Talent in the 21st Century Organization

Mobilizing Minds:Creating Wealth from Talent in the 21st Century Organization

Lowell L. Bryan and Claudia I. Joyce

Summarized August 2007


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Summary Description

Most companies today were designed for the 20th century. So how can you transform your business so that it will succeed in the 21st century?

Based on a decade of exclusive research, Lowell Bryan and Claudia Joyce of McKinsey & Company have come up with a simple yet revolutionary conclusion: Your workforce is the key to growth. By mobilizing the minds of your employees, you can tap into their underutilized talents, knowledge, and skills, which will open up not only new opportunities, but also vast sources of new wealth.

This can only be accomplished through organizational design and redesign. That's the new model for survival in the modern, digital, global economy. With the right design, your organization will have the capabilities to pursue whatever strategy is necessary to compete on any scale, react to any market change, leverage any opportunity, and sail past the competition.

In Mobilizing Minds, the authors explain how companies can unleash enormous profits and achieve long-term success. Bryan, a senior partner and Director of McKinsey & Co, authored Race for the World: Strategies to Build a Great Global Firm. Joyce is a Principal of McKinsey and a core member of the Financial Services and Strategy Practices.

They assert that it is imperative for corporations to put the same energy used for new products and processes into organizational design. That's where the money is. That's where the opportunities lie. And that's the key to surviving and prospering in the 21st century.

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