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Powerful Times: Rising to the Challenge of Our Uncertain World

Powerful Times:Rising to the Challenge of Our Uncertain World

Eamonn Kelly

Summarized October 2005


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Summary Description

We live in powerful times. It has been obvious for more than a decade that we live in an “age of change.” Today, it appears that we are also living through a “change of age” – the most profound inflection point in history since the Enlightenment.

Our world is increasingly complex and confusing, with constant news of emerging technologies and economic globalization, about demographic waves and the rise of China, about materialism and terrorism. It’s hard to make sense of it all today, and harder still to prepare for the future.

However, in Powerful Times, Eamonn Kelly provides a way to understand all of these diverse forces. He weaves together seven powerful “dynamic tensions” that will reshape our world in the coming decades. Kelly is the CEO of Global Business Network, the renowned future-oriented network and consulting firm.

Working with executives at a wide range of industry-leading firms large and small, GBN consultants build global and industry scenarios that enable companies to test their strategies for robustness. To help you see the possibilities, Powerful Timesconcisely distills the resolution of these seven tensions in the form of three concise global scenarios.

In this summary, we’ll explore Kelly’s breakthrough insights into how the seven tensions will conflict, and how they’ll create giant waves of change beyond anything we’ve ever faced. We’ll also outline the challenges we face going forward in this uncertain world, so you can anticipate the threats and opportunities that will emerge for your business.

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