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Prove It Before You Promote It: How to Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing

Prove It Before You Promote It:How to Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing

Steve Cuno

Summarized December 2008


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Summary Description

Every day, CEOs, marketing VPs, and other corporate decision makers commit huge marketing budgets to advertising campaigns based on nothing more than someone's gut intuition, on an ad agency's saying, "Trust us; we're the experts and we think this will work." But the fact is, most marketers, on both the client and the agency side, don't really know if their advertising is selling anything or not.

However, the value of your marketing can be proven. The effectiveness of your work can be accounted for by applying critical thinking skills and the scientific method so you can avoid losing campaigns.

In Prove It Before You Promote It, branding and direct response marketing expert Steve Cuno explains how you can apply a scientific approach to eliminate bias, emotion, and common cognitive errors in order to accurately predict outcomes, before you invest big dollars.

Cuno is the founder and chairman of the RESPONSE Agency, a nationally recognized direct response marketing firm. He is an internationally published marketing authority, an award-winning creative talent, and a popular speaker at business seminars, conventions, and universities.

In this summary, read by the author, you'll explore the world of scientific marketing by busting marketing myths, proving your marketing plan before you invest a fortune in it, and discovering which marketing tactics work for you. You'll learn how to stack the odds for marketing success overwhelmingly in your favor.

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