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Ride the Wave: How 12 Technologies will Change the World and Make You Rich

Ride the Wave:How 12 Technologies will Change the World and Make You Rich

Fred Rogers, Richard Lalich

Summarized November 2016


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Summary Description

We are at the critical “inflection point,” or “flash point” of the Digital Revolution. Ride the Wave: How 12 Technologies Will Change the World & Make You Rich by Fred Rogers and Richard Lalich examines how we got here, where we go from here, and why this just may be the most important economic turning point in the history of mankind.

Until now, civilization has lived in a world ruled by a “culture of scarcity.” Even today, many voices in government and academia (even some in business) say “we'll all have to live with less.” But, as Ride the Wave explains, these voices are being led astray by the same failure to understand the transformational power of technology that plagued Thomas Malthus and Karl Marx in the 19th century and “the Club of Rome” in the 20th.

Breaking with this misbegotten thinking, Ride the Wave tells the story of the unprecedented explosion of economic growth that lies ahead and the twelve technologies that will make it possible.  Rogers and Lalich insist that the question is not “if,” but “when,” a new Golden Age (resembling the 1950s) will arrive.  But, the purpose of this book is not simply to give you the clearest picture of reality in 2030, it also provides a methodology for analyzing the future while answering the crucial “what-if” questions that each investor or executive will face.

Don't let yourself, your colleagues or your family miss the greatest opportunity of a life-time.  Please listen to this summary, tell your friends and seize the opportunity. 

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