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Seeing What's Next: Using Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change

Seeing What's Next:Using Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change

Erik A. Roth, Clayton M. Christensen, Scott D. Anthony

Summarized September 2004


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Summary Description

In The Innovator‘s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen developed a theory that explained why successful companies are often unseated by disruptive innovations. In The Innovator‘s Solution, he outlined a process that would-be innovators can use to launch such disruptions successfully. Now, in Seeing What‘s Next, Christensen shows how managers can use these theories to develop powerful insights into how the future will unfold in a given industry, and to make wiser decisions based on those insights. For example, will a hot new start-up succeed or fail? Which emerging technologies are consumers likely to embrace? Does an entrant pose a serious threat to a leading incumbent? Which firms will come out on top? Your success as an executive is directly tied to your ability to answer such questions accurately. This summary will present a reliable method for doing exactly that. Christensen is a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. His co-authors are Scott D. Anthony, a partner at the Innosight management consulting firm; and Erik A. Roth, a consultant with McKinsey & Company. This summary will help everyone with a stake in a firm‘s success see the future more clearly, and apply the predictive power of innovation theory in their own work.

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