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Selfish, Scared and Stupid: Stop Fighting Human Nature And Increase Your Performance, Engagement And Influence

Selfish, Scared and Stupid:Stop Fighting Human Nature And Increase Your Performance, Engagement And Influence

Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan

Summarized November 2014


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ISBN: 073031278X

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Summary Description

Survival of the species comes down to three basic instincts: fear, self-interest, and simplicity. These basic human behaviors come into play in all types of relationships, including those between businesses and customers. Our summary of Selfish, Scared & Stupid: Stop Fighting Human Nature and Increase Your Performance, Engagement and Influence, by Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan, demystifies these behaviors and examines the psychology behind why even the best ideas sometimes fail.

Gregory and Flanagan are behavioral researchers and strategists and the founders of innovation and engagement think-tank, The Impossible Institute.™

This summary will help you to design your organization for reality, rather than perfection, by aligning with natural human behaviors: selfishness, fear, and stupidity. You’ll discover how to offer customers strategic rewards, thereby making the buying process more attractive to selfish natures; the link between fear and the unknown, including strategies for quelling fears and turning them into action; and how to use a simple mindset to create low-involvement products, helping appeal to instinct, and making products hard to resist.

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