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Service Innovation: How to Go From Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services

Service Innovation:How to Go From Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services

Lance A. Bettencourt

Summarized December 2010


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Businesses don’t succeed by inventing a better mousetrap.  They succeed by finding the best, most cost-effective way to get rid of their customers’ mice.

In industries ranging from health care to heavy machinery to financial services, service innovation is about finding new revenue streams by helping customers to get things done.

In our summary of Service Innovation:  How to Go From Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services, Lance Bettancourt, a strategy adviser at Strategyn Inc., explains that true service innovation demands that you shift the focus away from the solution and back to the customer.

You’ll learn proven ways you can design specific frameworks for discovering service innovation opportunities, whether you’re creating new services, improving existing ones, or adding supplementary services to your current offerings.  This is the essential guide to building a winning service strategy!

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