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Shake That Brain!: How to Create Winning Solutions and Have Fun While You're At It

Shake That Brain!:How to Create Winning Solutions and Have Fun While You're At It

Joel Saltzman

Summarized May 2006


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ISBN: 0471742104

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Summary Description

Today, more than ever, we're challenged to find and implement winning solutions -- to stay competitive in a fast-changing world. Yet, relatively little attention is being paid to helping people develop solution-finding skills. 

To fill this gap, best-selling author, consultant, and professional speaker Joel Saltzman has written Shake That Brain! How to Create Winning Solutions (and Have Fun While You're at It. With its powerful collection of tips and tools, Shake That Brain!is your guide to creating breakthrough ideas and elegant solutions. 

As you listen to Shake That Brain!, you'll start to develop crucial innovation skills, with an eye to improving the bottom line. You'll discover how to create surprising solutions no matter what the challenge or task at hand -- easily, consistently, and economically. Along the way, you'll learn to ask great questions ... turn any crisis into great opportunities ... and get support for your ideas with the "Power of Proof." 

Audio-Tech's summary of Shake That Brain! is divided into three sections:

  • Part 1, Attitude, focuses on techniques for broadening your mindset, including ways to be daring, be optimistic, and have fun;
  • Part 2, Actions, concentrates on strengthening your solution-finding skills, including questioning your assumptions, discovering the power of “opposites” thinking, looking for the worst solution possible, and turning negatives into positives; and
  • Part 3, Selling, provides invaluable lessons for selling your ideas by building prototypes, and using the "Power of Proof" to win the support of key decision-makers.
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