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So Smart, But...: How Intelligent People Lose Credibility and How They Can Get It Back

So Smart, But...:How Intelligent People Lose Credibility and How They Can Get It Back

Allen N. Weiner

Summarized May 2007


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Summary Description

Every day, tens of thousands of businesspeople receive good performance reviews that are missing a key ingredient. The missing piece is unspoken, but everyone knows what it is. These executives can be brilliant, as measured in IQ points. They understand every technical aspect of their jobs and they come up with amazing ideas.

These high achievers should be naturals to rise to the top of the corporate ladder. But the words “leadership potential” never appear in their evaluations.

Drawing on 30 years’ experience working with executives, Dr. Allen N. Weiner explains why some people can be “so smart” about everything concerning their jobs except the thing that matters most: communication.

Weiner is managing director of Communication Development Associates, whose clients include Amgen Pharmaceuticals, Experian, First American, Ameriquest, Symantec, and ConocoPhillips.

In So Smart, But. . ., Weiner offers a unique, scientific understanding of the components of credibility, and provides solid advice for overcoming career-blocking behaviors.

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