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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: Life’s Greatest Lessons Are Learned From Our Losses

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn:Life’s Greatest Lessons Are Learned From Our Losses

John C. Maxwell

Summarized October 2017


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Summary Description

Everyone can identify with the well-worn phrase, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”  But, as John C. Maxwell explains, there’s a far more useful way to look at things; that is “Sometimes You Win—Sometimes You Learn.”  And the message is driven home in the subtitle: “Life’s Greatest Lessons Are Learned From Our Losses.”

As in his other books, Maxwell brings together fundamental truths in ways that motivate us to act upon them.  On the surface, you would think there wouldn’t be much to left say about “learning from our losses” beyond the well-worn cliche, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

But, that “try-again spirit” is only one part of the learning process. The real value of this book lies in understanding and adopting the eleven habits, which will enable anyone to learn from their failures.  Each of these habits builds on the others and leads us to the most important habit for the learning process: Maturity.

John C. Maxwell is a coach, writer and teaching guru who has changed the way leaders all over the world think about their organizations.  He has authored more than seventy books about life, leadership, and success.  And these have sold over thirty million copies, worldwide.

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