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Strategic IQ: Creating Smarter Corporations

Strategic IQ:Creating Smarter Corporations

John R. Wells

Summarized November 2012


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Summary Description

If your firm is successful, it’s time for a wakeup call:  Your business may already be dead.  In a changing world, firms must constantly adapt their strategies to survive.  But many successful companies find this difficult to do.

Instead, they hesitate, or stick blindly to their old strategies until they find themselves in crisis.  Once this point is reached, it is often difficult to recover.  Their fate is sealed, and the end is a slow and painful one.

The ability to adapt and change is a measure of intelligence.  So why do firms demonstrate such low “Strategic IQ”?  What causes this inertia, and why is it so deadly?

As you’ll learn in our summary of Strategic IQ:  Creating Smarter Corporations, by Harvard Business School Professor John R. Wells, inertia is a dangerous disease.  This summary examines the underlying causes and illustrates how to diagnose and cure it before it is too late.  Even more important, it explains how to avoid “catching it” in the first place.

When you’ve finished this summary, you’ll know how your organization can behave in smarter ways and deliver superior sustainable performance.

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