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Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters

Success Built to Last:Creating a Life that Matters

Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson

Summarized March 2007


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Summary Description

What inspires long-term achievers to create success that lasts? In most cases, they are inspired by doing something that really matters.

In Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters, Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson reveal what they learned after interviewing more than 200 people who have made a lasting difference in their field, profession, or community.

Porras is co-author of Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, which has sold more than 1 million copies in 25 languages. He is professor of organizational behavior and change, emeritus, at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Emery served as the first CEO of est and is the author of best-selling books such as Actualizations and The Owner’s Manual for Your Life. Thompson is an executive coach, advisor to senior management teams, and former executive producer of Their Web site is

They explain that success in the long run has less to do with finding the best idea, organizational structure, or business model for an enterprise, than with discovering what matters to us as individuals.

Our summary of Success Built to Last will reveal why successful people stay successful, and explain how you can, too.

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