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The Engagement Equation: Leadership Strategies for an Inspired Workforce

The Engagement Equation:Leadership Strategies for an Inspired Workforce

Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow, and Mary Ann Masarech

Summarized May 2013


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Summary Description

You don’t need to see any metrics to know whether your employees are engaged.  You can feel it the moment you walk into your workplace.  Eventually, a general malaise and complacency can creep into the bottom line through slower time-to-market, lower productivity, rising absenteeism, and even increased accidents. 

But as explained in our summary of The Engagement Equation, by Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow, and Mary Ann Masarech, every organization that is willing to make a commitment can turn it around.  When you build and sustain a culture of high engagement, you’ll create the strongest competitive advantage possible.

Rice is the President and CEO of global consulting firm BlessingWhite, which helps create high-performance cultures that drive results and reinforce organizational values.  Marlow is the Vice President of Marketing & Research at BlessingWhite, and Masarech is the employee engagement practice leader at the firm.

Full employee engagement represents an alignment of maximum satisfaction for the individual with maximum contribution for the organization.  This summary explains the drivers of employee engagement, and how you can use improved engagement to execute strategy, reduce costs, and meet your organizational goals

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