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The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen

The Idea Hunter:How to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen

Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer

Summarized August 2012


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Summary Description

Ideas are arguably the most valuable asset in an information-based economy.  But how do you find the best ideas -- the kind that can boost careers, change organizations, and ramp up the value of projects?  And why do some people seem to come up with these ideas whenever they need them?

In this myth-busting summary of The Idea Hunter:  How to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen, Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer reveal that great business ideas do not spring from innate creativity, or necessarily from the minds of brilliant people.  The reality is that high-value ideas come to those people who are in the habit of looking for such ideas -- all around them, all the time.

Such people are the Idea Hunters.  They know it isn’t true that the only great idea is an original one.  They understand that game-changing ideas are already out there, waiting to be spotted and then shaped into an innovation.  They don’t let the organization, job, industry, or profession define their Idea Hunt.  And they recognize how the world around them connects with their plans and projects.

Boynton is the dean of the Carroll School Management at Boston College.  Fischer is a professor at IMD, the International Institute for Management Development, in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Step by step, this summary unveils a strategy for unearthing new ideas in any industry or organization.  It is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to tap into the successful business ideas that are just waiting to be rediscovered.

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