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The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth

The Innovator's Solution:Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth

Clayton M. Christensen, Michael E. Raynor

Summarized October 2003


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Summary Description

In the worldwide best-seller The Innovator's Dilemma, Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen exposed a crushing paradox behind the failure of many industry leaders. By doing what good companies were supposed to do -- focus on pleasing their most profitable customers -- leaders were paving the way for their own demise.

How? By ignoring "disruptive technologies" -- new, cheaper innovations that start out by targeting small customer segments but eventually take the place of the leading product.

Now, Christensen and Michael E. Raynor, a director at Deloitte Research, have unraveled the "innovator's dilemma" with their new book, The Innovator's Solution.

Drawing on years of in-depth research, and using new theories tested in hundreds of companies across many industries, the authors identify the process that creates successful innovations, and reveal how you can shape high-octane business plans that create truly disruptive growth.

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