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The Inside Advantage: The Strategy that Unlocks the Hidden Growth in Your Business

The Inside Advantage:The Strategy that Unlocks the Hidden Growth in Your Business

Robert H. Bloom with Dave Conti

Summarized November 2007


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Summary Description

Every executive must make a brutal choice: Grow the business, or watch it die. In today’s intensively competitive, technology-driven global marketplace, no enterprise, including yours, can be sustained without growth.

According to Robert H. Bloom, a successful entrepreneur and long-time CEO of advertising giant Publicis USA, a flourishing business should double in size every five years. Over the past 45 years, Bloom has been responsible for countless standout marketing campaigns and has created growth strategies for companies and brands of every size and type, including Southwest Airlines, Nestlé, BMW, Zales, Whirlpool, T-Mobile, T.G.I. Friday's, and L'Oréal.

How did these companies achieve their impressive growth, and more importantly, how can you grow your organization? The hidden weapon for superior growth in any business is an easy to use and simple to apply approach called The Growth Discovery Process.

In our summary of Bloom’s new book, The Inside Advantage, we’ll show you how any company, of any size, can use The Growth Discovery Process to identify the hidden potential within its business and use it as a catalyst to growth. If you follow the course of action in this summary, you’ll be rewarded with a powerful growth strategy.

You’ll develop a clear understanding of who your customers are, what your offerings to those customers should be, how to persuade customers to buy from you, and how to become well-known for your special offering. You will come away with a new, deeper understanding of how to jumpstart sales, motivate customer loyalty, and generate profits for your business.

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