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Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs

Tuned In:Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs

Craig Stull, Phil Myers, and David Meerman Scott

Summarized September 2008


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Summary Description

Sensational products and services like the iPod, the Wii, Starbucks, and FedEx became successful as soon as they reached the market.  Were the people who created those breakthroughs smarter, luckier, or born with more talent than the rest of us?  No.

Our summary of Tuned In, byCraig Stull, Phil Myers, and David Meerman Scott, reveals a proven strategy for dominating markets that anyone can use to create hits that resonate with customers.

Stull is the founder and CEO of Pragmatic Marketing.  Myers is president of the firm.  And Scott is the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

At Pragmatic Marketing, they have trained 45,000 executives, product managers, and marketing people at more than 3,000 companies in getting tuned in to their market.  This framework for success works for large public companies such as Ford, Apple, and GE; mid-market leaders like Zipcar, GoPro, and Intuit; as well as all types of professionals, including doctors, accountants, and realtors.  Most importantly, it can work for you

Using a simple six-step process, you’ll learn how to discover real and meaningful insight into any market.  You’ll learn how to identify unresolved problems, create breakthrough experiences, and establish strong, sustainable connections to your market.  You’ll also learn how leaders create “resonators” -- great products and services that people buy because they solve real problems and make their lives better.

By the end of this summary, you’ll understand the secrets that separate market leaders from followers and failures so you can stop wasting time and money pushing products that don’t interest your customers -- and instead give them what they really want.

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