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United We Brand: How to Create a Cohesive Brand That's Seen, Heard, and Remembered

United We Brand:How to Create a Cohesive Brand That's Seen, Heard, and Remembered

Mike Moser

Summarized December 2003


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Summary Description

Today's customers face a dizzying array of choices. As a result, the critical differentiating factor in a customer's decision-making process is often the product's brand. Yet, for most companies, there is a huge gap between how the brand is viewed within the company, and how it is perceived out in the marketplace.

In United We Brand, marketing expert Mike Moser unveils a hands-on tool he has developed over the course of 25 years of branding experience with companies like Reebok, Apple, Cisco Systems, Kia Motors, and Dell. Moser has won more than 300 marketing awards, including five Clio Awards and two Cannes Lions.

As Moser’s success confirms, strong brands don’t just happen by accident. They’re the result of systematic, committed development over time. In this summary, Moser explains how you can take the five steps to building an unforgettable brand:

  1. Identify your core brand values, which are the beliefs from which all elements of your brand should flow.
  2. Design a focused brand message, which is the key statement capturing your brand’s reason for being.
  3. Develop a distinctive brand personality, which determines your organization’s tone and attitude in delivering important messages.
  4. Choose a consistent set of brand icons, which include the right logo, voice-over, music, and more. And
  5. Create a brand roadmap, which is the practical document that results from the first four steps.

The brand roadmap puts insights and strategies that were once available only through top-flight consulting firms and advertising agencies into the hands of every executive, small business owner, and entrepreneur. It will improve the day-to-day branding decisions you make and guide you to long-term success!

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