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Work Wanted: Protect Your Retirement Plans in Uncertain Times

Work Wanted:Protect Your Retirement Plans in Uncertain Times

James W. Walker and Linda H. Lewis

Summarized May 2009


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Summary Description

If you're a Baby Boomer and a professional, chances are you will live far into your 80s or beyond. That means you’ll have 20 or more years to actively work and pursue your interests after the traditional retirement age.

Our summary of Work Wanted, by James W. Walker and Linda H. Lewis, will prepare Boomers to make those years as rewarding as possible. It will also help Xers and Millennials better understand how the next two decades will unfold.

Walker is a leading consultant, speaker, and author on HR strategy and workforce management. Lewis, a consultant and former professor, has headed corporate universities and human resources for Charles Schwab, Kaiser Permanente, and The Travelers Companies.

Drawing on their experience working with organizations and individuals facing aging and retirement issues, Walker and Lewis help Boomers realistically assess the challenges they'll actually face, from determining their real income needs to setting truly meaningful goals.

As you listen to this summary, you'll discover why a growing shortage of talented people will give older workers more leverage than ever before. You’ll learn how this new leverage will enable more and more Boomers to keep working, on their own terms, at their current companies, if that's what they want.  And, you'll understand how those who are ready to move on will reinvent themselves, pursuing more meaningful work, acquiring new skills, and even mentoring younger colleagues.

Included in this portfolio of options are to keep working, to switch to part-time work, to phase into retirement, to change careers, to return to school, to become a “free agent,” and many more. Whatever you want to do, this summary will help you to do it, not just for years, but for decades to come.

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